New Milk Cooling Regulations Proposed

The Ministry of Primary Industries new milk cooling regulations proposal is in order to align our standards with those of our international trading partners. While this proposal has yet to receive final confirmation, it is likely to happen shortly so we recommend you check you milk temperature now to allow time to make any changes if required.

New Milk Cooling Regulations will be introduced progressively from 1 August 2016 through to 1 January 2018.

New Milk Cooling RegulationsRaw milk must:

  1. Be cooled to 10°C or below within 4 hours of the start of milking.
  2. Be cooled to 6°C or below within 6 hours of the start of milking and within 2 hours of the end of milking.
  3. Be held at or below 6°C until collection or the next milking.
  4. Not exceed 10°C during subsequent milkings.

In situation where there is continuous milking, such as automated milking systems, the milk must enter the bulk milk tank at 6°C or below, continuous milking being defined as milking for 6 hours or longer from the time that milk enter any bulk milk tank.

For useful information on how to meet the New Milk Cooling Regulations check out our refrigeration section.

For more information on the new milk cooling regulations read below which includes an easy checklist to assess your current milk cooling performance below:

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