Would you like a new Automated Rotary Milking System?

The world’s first automatic milking rotary AMR systemDeLaval are looking for ‘expressions of interest’ from
NZ Dairy Farmers.

DeLaval want to find a dairy farm interested in being the first to install the New Automated Rotary Milking System ( AMR ).

If you are selected from those who register their interest …  

Not only will you get the World’s first Automated Rotary Milking System installed on your farm at a hugely discounted rate, but you will also receive many add-ons and extras for free.

At first it looks like a normal rotary; only nobody’s doing the milking! Up to five robotic arms do it instead: from teat preparation, milk cup attachment to a hygienic post-milking spray.

DeLaval AMR™ can milk 90 cows/hour. In other words, it has the capacity to milk a herd of 540 cows three times per day or 800 cows twice per day or anything in between.

This arrangement would be based on allowing DeLaval to use your new Automated Rotary Milking System as an example for sales purposes in their subsequent marketing for the system.

Register your interest today

If you would like to be considered for this highly advantageous opportunity please contact: bmacdougall@macdougalls.co.nz to register your interest.

We will contact you with further information and to assess your farm’s suitability for this project.