As a dairy farmer you want your farm systems to work in harmony

So you can improve productivity and your farm’s profitability. That is why DeLaval developed a range of integrated milking systems that give you greater control.

MacDougalls is the DeLaval dealer in your area. Their reputation for professionalism and service has been built up over nearly fifty years in business. DeLaval’s experience and technical expertise combine to bring you the latest farm management systems – systems that will make sure you are fully in control over all aspects of your production. From monitoring the daily production of every cow in the herd to feeding your cows to maintaining top quality milk – DeLaval has the systems designed just for your farm.

Milking Systems
Give you the flexibility to match the milking performance of the farm dairy to your individual cows or over all investment – or both.
Cow Care Systems
Provide you with the tools to look after your most valuable asset – your cows. Healthy cows produce top quality milk which means more profit for you. Our Animal Nutrition and Feeding Systems give you greater control.
Farm Systems
Allow you to manage the milking requirements of both you and your herd. Midiline and rotary farm dairies can be automated to give you full control overall aspects of milk production.
Milk Quality Systems
Ensure hygiene and milk quality standards are maintained – giving you peace of mind that your milk will be top grade every time to protect your farm profitability. We provide an In-Service Milk Machine Test and all our technicians are MPTA qualified.