Be cautious about new rain washing into your tank water…

rain on the farm

If you are lucky enough to be getting rain on your farm: while it is very good, it can also create problems.

The current Rain, although very good, can create problems with your tank water:

  • Your house roof has been sitting, with no rain for 2-3 months, collecting pesticides, fertilizers and bird droppings.
  • When the rain comes it washes all that nasty build-up into your rain water tank.
  • These contaminants can be quite concentrated because of the level of water being low and can cause dysentery and gastroenteritis in your household.
  • MacDougalls have a disinfection/shock treatment for the water tank (an additive) that will clear up the bugs and sanitise your water.

If you want to go further to protect your family from water tank infections you also can get a UV disinfection unit which will make sure you are protected all year round in future.

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